Notary Public in Bangkok

When you need to get a document certified, you can contact a Notary Public in Bangkok, Thailand. You can do this either by phone or by email. Simply let the Notary Public Officer know the details of the document and the place it needs to be certified. They will answer your questions and determine how long it will take to process your document. They will also discuss the fee for the certification, if you need it certified immediately or in a sum amount.

Notary Public

If you are looking for a Notary Public in Bangkok, you have come to the right place. There are many services available through Notary Publics in Thailand. These professionals can notarize documents. For example, they can certify your signature for documents such as wills and testaments. Notary Publics also review other translation services. In addition, they can notarize personal documents such as driving licenses and wills.

Notary Commission

When traveling abroad, it is important to have documents certified, such as a passport. If the person signing the document is not legally authorized to sign it, the notary public in Bangkok can certify the signature and stamp the passport with the words "CERTIFIED TRUE COPY." In addition to witnessing the signing of the document, notarizing it also helps to prevent fraud. Additionally, foreign entities may require notarized documents to be certified in order to be used for official purposes overseas.

Functions of a Notary

A notary public is a person who appoints themselves to act as a witness and validator for legal documents. These individuals are required to take an oath of office and sometimes an affidavit of character. These individuals must be ethically aligned and uphold certain rules and regulations. Notaries must also follow the laws and procedures of their respective states. However, notary functions are not limited to these three areas.


To obtain a notary stamp in Bangkok, you must first have a lawyer license, otherwise known as an Attorney-at-Law license. This license is difficult to obtain because it requires several steps, including an examination in theory and practice, a written interview, and work experience as a trainee in a law firm for at least six months. The overall timeframe for obtaining this license is about one and a half years. You may be able to find a notary office in Bangkok by browsing online, however, you may be limited to one office that is located in a far-flung neighborhood or by lacking convenient transportation. If you cannot find an office in Bangkok, you may wish to consider using a notary service like Siam Attorney International Ltd.


A Notary Public accredited in Bangkok can be used to witness any kind of legal process in Thailand, from marriage and immigration to work and residency. These services are also used for various purposes, including oaths and compromise in law cases. To learn more, read on. Notary Publics are licensed to perform notarial acts in Thailand by the Lawyers Council of Thailand. These accredited professionals are required to undergo a course on Notarial Practice before they can be appointed to perform these functions.

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