US-Thailand Treaty of Amity

The Treaty of Amity and Economic Relations, often shortened to the US-Thailand Treaty of Amity, has been a cornerstone of economic cooperation between the two nations since 1966. This agreement offers significant advantages for American citizens and businesses looking to invest in Thailand.

What is the Treaty of Amity?

Signed in Bangkok, the Treaty of Amity established a special economic relationship between the United States and Thailand. The key benefit for US businesses is the ability to wholly own or hold a majority share in a Thai company. This stands in contrast to Thailand's Foreign Business Act, which often restricts foreign ownership in certain sectors.

Benefits of the Treaty

  • Ownership Rights: The treaty allows American companies to bypass the requirement for a Thai partner, granting greater control and flexibility.
  • Business Scope: Amity Treaty companies can operate in a wider range of industries compared to those under the Foreign Business Act.
  • Profit Repatriation: Businesses can freely remit profits earned in Thailand back to the United States.
  • Investment Protection: The treaty safeguards against expropriation of assets by the Thai government, offering peace of mind for investors.
  • Dispute Resolution: A clear framework exists for resolving investment disputes, promoting stability and predictability.

Who Can Benefit?

The Treaty of Amity is particularly advantageous for American companies in sectors like:

  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Services

Things to Consider

While the Treaty offers substantial benefits, some potential drawbacks exist:

  • Registration Process: Setting up an Amity Treaty company can involve a more complex registration process compared to standard Thai businesses.
  • Legal and Tax Advice: Consulting with Thai legal and tax professionals is crucial to ensure compliance with all regulations.


The US-Thailand Treaty of Amity remains a significant tool for American businesses seeking to expand into Thailand. By understanding its advantages and considerations, investors can leverage this agreement to establish a strong foothold in the Thai market.

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